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the man with the gun

lyrics by: terry hindley 08 The man with the gun by drummerlarsen


He dreamed of love
He dreamed of joy
But he lost his wife
And they took his boy.

Then he lost his job
And with it his pride
The bank took his house
And inside he died.

He`s out of his wits
On the bank`s steps
Points the gun at the crowd
Like fish caught in nets.

Is it over now
Nothing to be done?
Is it over now
For the man with the gun

The rage grows inside
As he fingers the trigger
The cool of the metal
Makes it feel even bigger.

He makes his choice
When the police shout at him
He starts a scream
That flies away like a bird.

The sound of the gun
Is the last he hears
As the pain bursts
Right through his fear.

It`s all over now
No more to be done
Is all over now
For the man with the gun.