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remember to put the milk in the fridge

lyrics by: terry hindley 11 Remember to put the milk in the fridge by drummerlarsen


There was a time when you made me laugh
When we had fun together
Taking long walks in the park
Wearing shorts in rainy weather.

You used to make my favourite food
And call me by my nick-name
You`d tease me ruffling my hair
Playing your childlike games.

You began going out alone
And staying out very late
Taking more time with your hair
Like girls do on dates.

Remember to put the milk in the fridge
I wrote on a note
I stuck to the door
As I knew I was leaving
I couldn`t take any more.

When I asked if you`d met someone else
You didn`t tell me the truth
So I followed you one day
In order to find some proof.

He was younger, taller and well built
And my heart sank like a stone
You were laughing, holding hands
I felt so scared and all alone.

Though I really tried to talk to you
You pretended not to know
In the end it`s got too much
I just had to pack up and go.