Darkley noone

formerly known as "nowheremen"

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the dream-time

Lyrics by: terry hindley 01 The Dream-Time by drummerlarsen



Cartoon houses press down
Their eyes look around
While cardboard cars
Parked outside bars
Give me the feeling
My mind is reeling.

Sometimes on the street
All the people I meet
Seem distant and strange
Somehow out of range
I don`t think they`re real
It`s something I feel.

I must be in the wrong place
Or maybe the wrong year
`Cos all I ever meet
Are blowup people
That talk in bubbles
That drift away
And don`t reach my ears.

When I look in their eyes
I can`t see the surprise
That lives in the mind
Hidden somewhere behind
The phrases "don`t laugh"
And "take a hot bath".

So I walk along
Trying to be strong
While all the time
I want to whine
And shout and scream
"It`s all a dream!".