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Love is the key

lyrics by: terry hindley 03 Love is the key by drummerlarsen


Family is for love and respect
Someone to care for and protect
Feel the warmth (that) it gives
Making the world (seem) perfect 
Giving you will to live.

Laughter is a sign of joy
It comes from every girl and boy
It`s the simple things that count
A hoop for a toy
A broom for a mount.

They`re stealing your past 
With films of glory and fame
Crushing your future
Into a computer game
Wanting to make you
Forget your name
Don`t worry, it`s all in vain.

Friends help make your life complete
They cheer your wins, mourn your defeats
Always there when you need them
Ready to shield you from the heat
Solid `n` strong as polished gems.

Remember you`re still a child inside
Don`t always make it hide
Enjoy the days warm and long
Or a horse to ride
Or a well-loved song.


These things you hold in your heart
To keep you whole when you`re apart
From those you cherish and miss
Or those who had to depart
And love is the key to all this.