Darkley noone

formerly known as "nowheremen"

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lyrics by: terry hindley 07 Help by drummerlarsen


I can touch my toes, I can blow my nose
I can wash my face, I can say my grace
I can use a zip, I can move my lips


But I still need help, yes I still need help
Help me if you can, help me be a man. 

I can blink my eyes, I can tell you lies
I can drive a car, I can go quite far
I can tie a knot, I can count a lot.

I can scratch my skin, I can make a din
I can comb my hair, I can be all there
I can wear a shirt, I can even flirt.


I can boil an egg, I can stretch my leg
I can throw a stone, I can gnaw a bone
I can sing a song, I can bang a gong.

I can bend my arm, I can set the alarm
I can open a door, I can ask for more
I can fly a kite, I can dream all night.