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formerly known as "nowheremen"

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get it right

lyrics by: agust gudmondsson 04 Get it right by drummerlarsen


Let`s do a little something right this time
Forget the reason. Forget the rhyme
Let`s not pretend we know the way it should end
Let`s do it right this time

I think I`ve always wanted someone like you
And I need you to want me too
I don`t ever want this feeling to end
Let`s do it right this time

We`ll set the sun behind the mountain
We`ll bring the moon up over the the hill
We`ll sing good night. We`ll sing good morning
And we`ll know.. we dit it right this time

Everybody has to get it right sometime
One can`t keep falling down and still get by
I`m gonna hold you like you`re holding me
And do it right this time

Try not think about the world tonight
Turn off the the TV and dim the lights
We`ll break the silence with our hearts as they sing
An old familiar melody


It`s just a simple son of lovers in love
Who get it right one time