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formerly known as "nowheremen"

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city of a million tears

Lyrics by: terry hindley 05 City of a millions tears by drummerlarsen


Inside my house hiding under the bed
Broods the feeling I`ll soon be dead
I try to drive it out of my head
But each morning I eat it with my bread.

We want answers to questions we don`t know
Covering the cracks so they don`t show
Cruising the streets needing somewhere to go
Feeling the pain deep down below.

Oh the city of a million tears
Turned me into a side show
Oh the city of a million tears
Won`t ever let me go.

Sitting in a bar with thoughts made of clay
Trying to think of something to say
Pointing my finger pushing blame away
Wishing someone else will have to pay.

Trapped in a city of a million tears
Looking back down all the years
All I can see are the greedy fears
I tried to drown in so many beers.