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burning world

lyrics by terry hindley 09 Burning world by drummerlarsen

Some place so far away
Featured on the news today
Another massacre, another coup
Proves that nothing is really new.

Politicians make their smiles
Saying "trust me for a while"
A yawn is all I can make
I know their sincerity is fake.

Every day the heat gets more and more
Every day it creeps under my door
Every day the world keeps on turning
Every day the world keeps on burning.

My boss tells me to do more
Or he`ll show me the door
I`m tired of being put down
By this money grabbing clown.

The adverts that I see
Tell me they`ll make me free
But I can`t buy what they sell
Their freedom is a kind of hell.

Everyone walks the same street
Thinking up schemes and who to meet
Deep inside we all want the same
But our dreams drip down the drain.